The Many Reasons for Divorce

There are many reasons why you may want to divorce your spouse. Marriages break down all the time. While only the people in those marriages know exactly what has happened in their specific circumstances, some reasons are more common than others.

One of the most obvious reasons for divorce is infidelity. The discovery that their spouse has been cheating can be cataclysmic for many people. Or, partners may know that their husband or wife is a serial cheater, but one day something happens that pushes their behavior over the line from being tolerable to being unacceptable. Infidelity is one of the most accepted reasons for divorce.

Other reasons for divorce include domestic violence. In some cases, one partner may have been violent or abusive towards the man or woman that they are married to. If your spouse falls into this category, then as well as seeking advice from a lawyer, you may also want to find support and counseling from one of the many groups that try to help people in the same position that you are in. If domestic violence has caused the breakdown of your marriage and a court is convinced that your ex-partner is a danger to you and any children, then this can greatly impact on access arrangements after the divorce.

Other reasons for divorce include inability to control addictions on the part of one partner. This can include a gambling addition, alcoholism, drug abuse and other similar vices. These addictions can be very long running, but cause the affected partner to run up debt in the family’s name and act irrationally. Many spouses will be willing to give their partner help initially, but if the addict is unwilling to seek help or is otherwise unable to control their addiction, then eventually many spouses – and other family members, too- will cut ties to preserve their own finances, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

However, not all reasons for divorce relate to criminal or immoral behavior on the part of one partner. Sometimes, two people who were in love in their 20s may simply grow apart as the years go by. Interests can separate and a couple may find themselves spending less and less time together and more time with their friends, at work and on other interests. What can start off as a passionate relationship may simply run its course. Couples in these situations may decide to go their own separate ways more or less amicably, with a minimum of legal proceedings. Factors like these can be just as valid reasons for divorce as other darker and more dramatic discoveries and experiences.

There are many, many other valid reasons for divorce, including sexual incompatibility, insurmountable cultural differences and differing opinions and desires about the future. Ultimately, you and your partner can be the only judges of what are valid reasons for divorce – and if you do decide to divorce, then a solid plan of what to do next will help you cope with the transition.

Reasons For Divorce – Why Husbands and Wives End Their Marriages

Why do married couple end up separating? Are you worried that your own marriage might end up in divorce? Are you aware of the main reasons why partners separate after years of married life?

The proportion of marriages that end in divorce is on the increase. It is sad that couple go for the divorce option when they find things lacking in their marriage. They seem to have devalued the sanctity of marriage. What really are the main reasons for divorce? Here are some explanations for you to consider.

Having an addiction

One of the main reasons for divorce is an addiction, either to alcohol, substances, or gambling. These addictions make it likely that a marriage will end up in divorce. If you always knew your partner had an addiction but married them nonetheless, then you must be prepared for some significant consequences. Do not hold the belief that your partner will change once you get married, as this is very rarely the case.

Being unfaithful

A partner being unfaithful is one of the main reasons for divorce. This is most common of male partners. Although there are also women who are easily tempted into infidelity. Unfaithfulness is common in marriages. If a partner has an affair, it becomes very difficult to trust them again. Even if the affair ceases, if the trust is gone, then the marriage will likely be over.

Being abused

There are lots of reasons for divorce but abuse of a sexual or emotional nature is very difficult to get past. Counseling and rehabilitation would be needed for a long period of time. A marriage in which abuse has been a factor will very often end in divorce.

No commitment

If people get married while one or both of the partners is not ready for that level of commitment, then the marriage may fail. There a number of explanations why people enter marriage before they are ready for it. This can be because of a pregnancy that was a surprise, or the partners may be in love but have not thought properly about their future life together.


If one of the partners in a marriage is still immature, this may mean the marriage ends in divorce. You cannot control a person’s lack of maturity. If someone is immature still, then they will be unable to properly process and understand issues.

These are the main five reasons for divorce. We can only prevent marriage ending in divorce if we learn how to compromise. You don’t have to rush into marriage. Hold off for the correct time so everything will go well. If you are already in a marriage, be adult enough to meet your responsibilities as a marriage partner and perhaps also as a parent. You can’t be selfish in a marriage.